Therapeutic Supports

TriCare Services has professional relationships with the following providers of Therapeutic Supports:
Occupational Therapy (OT) 

supports participants to be as independent as possible to remain at home, participate at work and participate in the community. Therapists provide strategies to manage symptoms; prescribe assistive technology; and/or designe home modifications which:

Improve mobility at home and in the community

Gain physical independence

Manage symptoms

Support participants to participate in activities that are important to them

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy supports participants to improve their communication, including articulation therapy and language intervention activities. The following speech and language disorders can be treated with speech therapy

Therapy sessions aim to build the capacity of participants to meet their NDIS goals, engage in the community and become more resilient, by empowering and educating them in the following:

Articulation disorders

Fluency disorders

Resonance disorders

Receptive disorders

Cognitive-communication disorders


Our Psychologists provide quality Behaviour Support Services for participants living with a disability. They work collaboratively with each client and their care network to improve their quality of life. Services include counselling and psychotherapy to NDIS clients with a disability, and dual diagnosis (disability and mental health)

Therapy sessions aim to build the capacity of participants to meet their NDIS goals, engage in the community and become more resilient. This is achieved by empowering and educating them in the following:

Self-acceptance, body awareness and self-esteem

Disability related loss and grief

Resonance disorders

Disability related trauma

Anxiety including social anxiety and phobias

Behavioural issues, emotional regulation and growth

Memory retention and reflective function

Compulsive and obsessive behaviours

Our Guiding Principles

Empowerment, decision making and choice – empower people with disabilities by offering them choices and support in making decisions.

Promoting community involvement – connect clients with their families, friends, and wider community and involving people with disability in various community social events.

Fairness and consistency to all – respect is the foundation of all human relationships. There is something special about each and every one of us, regardless of age, ability, status or background.

Accountability to everyone – we will be relevant, transparent, responsive and accessible to our stakeholders.

A “can do attitude”- we believe a can do attitude embedded in our organisation and our employees will help lift organisational morale and help clients achieve their goals.

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