Innovative Community Participation

Community participation is important to build social inclusion and receive peer support. Participants gain independence, establish trust and experience freedom when engaging on a social level.

TriCare Services can provide short-term or ongoing support to enhance our participant’s capacity to improve their lives, and where required, participate in their culturally diverse community. We can provide assistance in connecting them with providers delivering culturally suitable services; community groups; attend appointments and participate in social activities of their choice.

We specialise in supporting clients from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds, and have an extensive pool of culturally appropriate support workers who can accompany our clients to attend religious or uniquely cultural events as required.

Our Guiding Principles

Empowerment, decision making and choice – empower people with disabilities by offering them choices and support in making decisions.

Promoting community involvement – connect clients with their families, friends, and wider community and involving people with disability in various community social events.

Fairness and consistency to all – respect is the foundation of all human relationships. There is something special about each and every one of us, regardless of age, ability, status or background.

Accountability to everyone – we will be relevant, transparent, responsive and accessible to our stakeholders.

A “can do attitude”- we believe a can do attitude embedded in our organisation and our employees will help lift organisational morale and help clients achieve their goals.

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